In the last six months I have accompanied an owner-managed company in the field of event and warehouse logistics. From the repositioning from Corona, the company recorded above-average growth this year. The staff was doubled in half a year. The personnel resources were not sufficient to meet all the requirements in the administration. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the Chief Financial Officer left the company at the beginning of the year to pursue a career opportunity. The search for a successor proved to be difficult, which is why the owner decided to call in an interim manager. His intention was to solve the personnel situation with a long-term view.


My task was to work through what had been left undone, to improve it with quick wins where possible and to bring the processes around the financial management back into an orderly framework. For this purpose, I improved system extracts and created new ones to get suitable data for easy further use. I used this data to create analysis reports and reportings quickly and securely. The transparency gained was the basis for a general process cleanup. The employees responded well to this change and actively helped. I was also able to eliminate difficulties from upstream processes with my extracts.


With the handover to the new job holder, I will soon be ending the mandate. I am looking for a new challenge in the finance area. Two possible types of assignments present themselves. On the one hand, I take over the bridging of a temporary vacancy, also in the case of replacement of job holders. On the other hand, I am very happy to supervise plans and projects if the company cannot free up the temporarily needed resources or skills itself.

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