What does an interim manager do between
two mandates

During an engagement, the interim manager concentrates fully on the mandate. As far as possible, he or she also cultivates networks. What time is left over is often spent on militia activities in clubs/associations and the community. This changes abruptly when the mandate expires.


Now it is a matter of finding a new mandate. However, the agenda is not completely filled with personal meetings. So there is time and space for other things.


I like to read a book, or professional articles that have been put aside. This also leads to research on the Internet and thus to new knowledge.

However, I use this time mainly to work off old pending items, to take care of things that have been left undone and to realize projects that have been postponed. I prefer to do handicraft work. The nice thing about it is that you can see the result immediately. As an office clerk, I miss that and look forward to such work. For example, between two mandates, I repainted our laundry room.


I like to be analytically creative. I wasn't satisfied with simply recreating painted white areas on the walls and ceiling and a gray floor. An additional element was needed, and it was on the floor.


My goal was to create an optical illusion, which I could do with just one more color. I worked out a template on the PC. I told my wife that I would now do the finishing. I worked with a double meter, a suction cup, a string and a pencil. When my wife looked in after two hours she found me making pencil marks and wondered. She was pleased with the end result with blue filled in markings. In the first moment she feared to fall with the laundry basket into a volcano. Thus the goal "optical illusion" was achieved.


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